The Debarry commercial Angus herd began in 2007. All females are self-replacing with an emphasis places on fertility, milk, structure and consistent performance. In 2017 we will calve down 50 of our best young heifers who have been inseminated to Ayrvale Bartel E7. Our breeding goal is to produce quality commercial bulls based on outstanding performance genetics, that are affordable and that will improve the bottom line in any herd.

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Why Angus?

Angus is the most widespread and keenly sought after temperate beef breed in the world. This popularity is due to the greater profitability achieved by using Angus compared to other breeds. The reasons why beef producers are choosing Angus – market demand, market versatility, superior fertility and maternal ability, meat quality, hardiness and efficiency, best all round balance and a large documented gene pool.

Courtesy of Angus Australia – for more information visit the website.