The Debarry Poll Hereford Stud is a family owned and operated stud, that has been successfully operating for almost 50 years. All females are self-replacing with an emphasis placed on fertility, milk, structure, carcass and doing ability. In 2017 we will calve down approximately 70 Poll Hereford stud females. Our breeding goal is produce quality bulls with outstanding performance genetics that are commercially acceptable to meet a wide variety of markets.

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Why Herefords?

For Performance Cattle and Superior Beef, Herefords will make it happen every time. Whether you need bulls, steers or heifers, Herefords will give you excellent feed conversion, hardiness, fertility, growth, plus the famed Hereford temperament that can help reduce costs. So if you’re not already getting the whiteface advantage, now is the time to buy Herefords.

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